Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Boss' Family Line

Not unlike the current form of the furred Brooklyn Bartons, it's ancient ancestor (Bartonicus Minimus) was myopic, obsessed with repetition and incurably addicted to caffeinated summer iced drinks. The ancient Barton was slowly coaxed on to dry land and shed it’s ocean faring ways in the search for easy access to Marlboro cigarettes and sugar in it's caffeinated drinks-both being scarce in the ocean depths.

Unlike the current much more anthropoid-even simian Bartons, it's sea dwelling ancestors ate fish and various mollusks that were in abundance millions of years ago in the shallow coastline off what is now known as Coney Island. The Bartons of today thrive on M.S.G. takeout, cheap beer and roasted chicken.

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  1. Priceless

    I think that's the Thing that I pictured hiding under my bed at night when I was 5